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Islamic Arts Magazine | Arabic Version

First Issue
First Issue, Autumn 1430HD/AD2009
Origins of motifs in Turkish ornamentation genres
by Prof F. Çiçek Derman - Turkey
The psychology of carpet weaving
by Mohamad Ridha Safawi - Iran
Ornamentation in Morrocco
Aesthetic features of ornamentation in Morocco between unity and multiplicity
by Dr Fareed Al Zahi - Morocco
Unity in diversity
by Dr Salah Al Deen Sherzad - Iraq
Miniatures of the first Ottoman book on medicine and surgery
by Dr Hilal Qazan - Turkey
The linguistic foundation of Islamic art
The aesthetics of unseen in Islamic art
by Dr Sherbil Dager - Lebanon
The art of Muqarnas
The Art of Muqarnas in islamic architecture in Iran
by Dr Hussain Bor Nadiri - Iran
The architecture of Yemen
The memory of history and witness to civilisation
by Ibrahim Al Hakim -Al Yaman
Al Aqsa pulpit
Reconstructing Salahuddin Al Ayyubid’s ‘minbar
by Dr Idham Hanash - Iraq
The Hatra script
by Dr Yousef Thannon - Iraq
Oktay Aslanapa
The master of Turkish and Islamic Arts reveals a lifetime of study Oktay Asianapa
by Dr Ara Altun and Dr Hüsrev Subaşı
Short history of Museums
by Sue Enderwood and Dr Ghari Morgan
The Emergence of Modern Musuems in the Arab World
by Dr Abdul-Aziz Allon
Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar
by Dr Salah Al Deen Sherzad - Iraq
Writing with Light
Camera art comes alive in the hands of Reem al Faisal
Islamic Arts interviews Reem al Faisal
Elements of Arab-Islamic Aesthetics
Dr Salma Quraishi - Tunisia