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Islamic Arts Magazine | Arabic Version

Islamic Arts Magazine
Islamic Arts Magazine
Islamic Arts is a quarterly publication launched with the aim of preserving the vitality of Islamic arts and ensuring their continuity in a modern form. The world’s first publication dedicated to Islamic arts, the magazine seeks to bridge the gap between the academic and commercial applications of Islamic arts.

Published by the Islamic Arts Centre in London and Dubai, the magazine has been designed to reflect the style of its subject matter. Its logo and layout are based on the five elements of Islamic arts – logic, ornamentation, miniatures, calligraphy, and architecture. Graphic interlocking and overlapping of the elements produces the five-pointed logo in a stylized version of the Arabic letter ‘nun’, traditionally the symbolic inspiration of Islamic art.

The magazine’s advisory board comprises seven professors who head Islamic arts faculties at academic institutions around the world. The Editor-in-chief of Islamic Arts is Dr Salah Al-Deen Sherzad, who lectures at the College of Fine Arts at the University of Sharjah and is President of the Islamic Arts Centre in London. Iraqi-born Dr Sherzad holds a PhD in Islamic Turkish art from the University of Istanbul and is a leading expert in Arabic calligraphy and Islamic ornamentation.